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9m™ Designs is a full service Interior Designers & Decorators solution provider specializing in commercial and residential Interior Designing. Our cross - disciplinary approach results in an uncommon level of refinement to our projects and allows us to create spaces imbued with warmth and spirit. We adore the details - we respect the budget. We design to suit your tastes, requirements and lifestyle and create living spaces that are both pragmatic and beautiful.


9m™ Designs provides consulting and turnkey services to owners of new projects and of existing buildings. The company has talent and capability to provide services in the following areas.

  • Home interior decoration
  • Interior design restorations
  • Renovating existing interior designs
  • Modular kitchens, Exotic Terrascaping and contemporary courtyard gardens
  • Existing facility evaluation special furnishing design graphics
  • Furniture Design, Kids area design, Pet animals area design


Designs offers design services for a wide variety of commercial projects that range from commercial spaces to public spaces, corporate office spaces and hospitality areas. Our detailed plans allow our project to be bid very competitively and we are able to control the budget that is very seldom broken.

We are well acquainted with all steps of the development process, from site planning through zoning requirements , during the construction phase and even past the point of occupancy, if needed. With these plans, we are able to control the budget very closely but without excellence in project administration the project will never quite fulfill the dreams that are attached to a property.

Contact us for a personalized analysis of your interior design requirement:

E–MAIL      :  interiors@9mproperty.com

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